Hi, I´m deen.

I am UI/UX designer, illustrator, animator and musician.
I have good experience from companies Wikidi, Aktuálně.cz and Kupi and also as a freelancer.
I am currently looking for an interesting project or team to join.

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I worked for these brands

Amatérská scéna Fokus optik Komerční banka Seznam.cz Loreal Besip Aktuálně.cz UPC Centropen Potrefená husa Vichy Budějovický budvar Microsoft Red Bull Pillsner Urquell mBank Stará myslivecká Blaupunkt Schwarzkopf DHL

What´s my take

I´ve done hundreds of sites and apps. I can build them from scratch and then take good care of them.

Show websites and apps

I didn't design the Apple logo, but once my client told me about his new logo: "It's a bomb!"

Show logos and illustrations

Selection of favorite logos I created in previous years.

Illustrations, drawings
Print graphics
My logo´s story







Take a look at the other things I do:

and appsfor phones

I can edit video, add various effects, create a jingle and I'm really not afraid of banners.

Play videos

The jingle of the programme for Czech Television

TV commercial for the Golf Resort of the Year

Video editing and post-production for a personal development coach

I make music too

Blues pro nešťastnou holku

Blues for an unhappy girl. My first official song ever sung. The music was composed by me and the lyrics were supplied by Mr. Václav Hrabě from above. You can listen to it on Spotify, Apple Music and other music servers.

Blues for an unhappy girl

What people say about me

It´s a bomb, deen!

Daniel Smékal about new logo for his company Duplexity


I live in Prague, Czech republic.

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